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Communication Arts profiles Mark Hartman

Know the Artist – Simon Watson

Here we bring you fascinating insight into Simon Watson’s work.  In this first installment, hear Simon describe how he created the Brooklyn Night series of images.



Mark Hartman: Shredded billboards seen as art

What many accomplish in Photoshop or with hours of cutting and pasting, photographer Mark Hartman found in the streets of Panama: A mishmash of colors, shapes, images and letters. When workers shred expired outdoor advertisements, the vinyl remains left behind provide an artist effect.




“At first I thought they were street art,” Hartman said. “I found them beautiful.”  The ongoing project began in 2010. Hartman said he “acts as a curator,” choosing images he would like to showcase in a book someday.



Looking from an anthropological perspective, he noticed themes of information overload, literally “information on top of information.”  The constantly changing billboards were sometimes hard to find, he said. They might be shredded one day and the next covered with a new poster for weeks. And he has only noticed this advertising phenomenon in Panama.




“They’re just doing their job,” he said of the shredders. “They’re unconscious that they’re making something that could be considered art.”


– Elizabeth I. Johnson, CNN

Martyn Thompson – 2012 SDP Award nominee

We’re excited to hear that Luster photographer, Martyn Thompson has been nominated for an SPD Photography Award. The piece (below), which ran in Real Simple’s July 2011 issue, is up for the the Service Feature photography category. The 47th annual SPD Awards gala will be head in May 2012.
Good luck Martyn!

See the complete lst of nominees in the SDP Press Release
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Follow Martyn’s Tumblr collection for all his latest news.

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